Scrapbooks | 2018



Christmas Crafts!

posted on December 13, 2018

With Christmas rapidly approaching our preschoolers have been busy making Christmas crafts. They have had so much fun and we love seeing the creations they make.


The Car Museum

posted on December 11, 2018

With so many boys who love cars we thought that a trip to the Beijing Auto Museum would be a a great field trip. And we were right! It was so much fun to see so many different cars. It was a great way to spend a cold Beijing day!


Let’s Go Play!

posted on December 4, 2018

A play place at a local mall invited us to go back and play recently. There were so many fun things to play with. All of the kids found toys that they liked and everyone had a great time!


November Birthday Party!

posted on December 3, 2018

This month we celebrated 3 birthdays. Judah turned 1, and Abner and Mabry turned 2! We love celebrating this sweet kids with our friends from the Ritz Carlton.



posted on November 29, 2018

Thanksgiving was a time to celebrate, eat, and be thankful! The preschoolers helped make mashed potatoes for our meal and then everyone gathered around tables full of food to eat. We are always so thankful to be able to take time to celebrate here!


Thanksgiving Hats

posted on November 27, 2018

Here at New Day Thanksgiving preparations always include making hats in preschool. The kids did a great job putting their hats together and loved becoming little turkeys when the hats were finished!


Playing in the Leaves

posted on November 26, 2018

There is nothing more fun in the fall than playing in a pile of leaves. Our gardener, Adam, makes big piles for the kids to play in and the result is an afternoon full of laughter and fun!


Let’s go to the Zoo!

posted on November 8, 2018

Fall is the perfect time for a trip to the zoo. The weather was perfect, the animals were active, and everyone had such a great time. Our friends at Cummins help sponsor our field trips and were able to join us for a fun day at the zoo!


NDV: Family Visits

posted on November 5, 2018

Most of the children we are helping at New Day Vietnam live in families in very rural locations. When a child has been recommended to us for assistance, we first travel to the his / her home to meet the child and better understand the family’s situation.



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Did you know that we have a project in Vietnam? We are able to partner with disadvantaged families to help provide much needed surgeries are care for their families. Follow their page to see all the amazing work that is happening there!

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