Before I came to New Day foster home, I worked at a mall and a skills academy. I needed to take care of my daughter, so I quit my job in 2008 and have not worked since. It was not until early this spring, after visiting New Day foster home, that I started working again. During my time here, I’ve seen New Day as a welcoming and united family rather than an organization. During work, my colleagues have assisted me in every way just like my closest friends. My family is a typical Chinese family, consisting of three members: my husband, my daughter, and me. My husband doesn’t talk a lot and likes a quiet atmosphere. In contrast, I am an outgoing and loud person who loves to be surrounded by people. My daughter is very much like her father, quiet, shy, loves reading books and painting. There is also a special member in our family, a 5 years old puppy named “Xiao Hua (little flower)”, who we love dearly. I will keep seeking for new knowledge, communicating with my colleagues and taking good care of all the children in my time here. I will do my best to spread the love. Caroline

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