Ruby with her family

Ruby was born on December 25, 1984 and grew up in the countryside. When she graduated from school in 2003 she needed to stay home to take care of her little sister, so she was not able to get a job until 2008, when she began work as a sporting goods salesperson. She enjoyed the work even though it did not pay well. One of her relatives introduced her to the man who became her husband in early 2009. They have a young daughter and are very content. They are not well-off, but are able to take care of their parents and child. Ruby’s mother-in-law was a nanny at New Day for 14 years, but when she retired she was able to stay home to take care of her grand-daughter. Ruby had heard a lot about New Day, and her heart ached for the New Day kids that her mother-in-law told her about. When she began her new job she wrote “…now I finally can do my best to take care of the precious kids, and give love to them”.

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