The Chinese province of Inner Mongolia is well-known for its culture, history and natural features, including mountains, deserts and the high plains grasslands. Though its border is only 300 kilometers from the capital in Beijing, many cities and villages within the province do not enjoy the higher standard of living and quality medical care that exist in Beijing.

New Day Foster Home’s work in Inner Mongolia began more than a decade ago with the first children from the capital city of Hohhot, who came to New Day in Beijing for live-saving surgeries and life-changing therapy. New Day expanded that outreach over the years, caring for many children from the Inner Mongolian cities of Hohhot, Baotou, Wulanchabu, and others at the Beijing New Day center.

In 2006, New Day began additional programs to help children living in the Hohhot orphanage through the formula project and a staff therapist working within the orphanage. In 2013, New Day launched the New Day North branch, in order to provide even greater support for orphans in Inner Mongolia.

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