BIRTHDAY:   April 2004
ARRIVAL:   March 2022

Mengmeng was born in April 2004. When she was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In the beginning she had difficulty moving and was only able to sit. Currently most of her time is spent lying down. She must take pain medication daily. She has never been able to attend school, but she finished primary and middle school at home with her mom’s help.

Her parents are divorced. Mengmeng’s life has been difficult, but she always keeps a positive attitude, even amidst the pain. She taught herself to make cosmetics with no artificial ingredients and sells them to make a living for her and her mom. She also helps do some photo retouching to supplement their income.

Mengmeng has a lot of hobbies and will often comfort other teenagers her age.

She has never given up on the future and continues to have hope even with her physical limitations. Selling her cosmetics and finding good medical resources for more treatment are her main needs.

DAILY NEEDS:   Fully Sponsored

DISCLAIMER: We provide this information to give our sponsors and supporters a general idea of the challenges our children face. For prospective adoptive parents, this information is not intended to be a substitute for a complete and up-to-date referral packet from your adoption agency. Please keep in mind that in our communications, we always try to focus on a child's strengths, accomplishments, and positive developments, not in an attempt to gloss-over their often serious medical conditions, but in an effort to share a glimpse of their precious personalities.

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