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“Bringing Hope to the Hopeless and the Fatherless Home.” – Alleviating the pain and suffering of Chinese orphans born with physical handicaps by providing for their every physical, mental and spiritual need, we give these children a future and a hope while they wait for their very own loving family.

The Stories of New Day Foster Home

When 60 Minutes producer Johnny Drimmer learned about the mission of New Day Foster Home he was intrigued, and so he came to visit. Thrilled about New Day’s mission, Johnny began the long, hard process of putting together an informative, stirring and exciting project: a 20-minute film showing the heart of NDFH through the stories of three of our children, Judson, Claire and Jace.

Why we do What we do!

When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with a very serious disease that required chemotherapy. I didn’t even know what chemotherapy was and was too young to understand why I needed it.

At the local hospital in my hometown, doctors were unable to treat my disease, so my parents had to look elsewhere to find a hospital that could. They travelled to Beijing where they were able to find a specialist. The treatment was very expensive, so to raise the funds to pay for it, they had to sell our home.

What has caused me the most pain and suffering was not the chemotherapy, but what my dad’s older brother said to my father. He said, “Why don’t you give up, this is too much for the family. There is no hope for her, just give up and let her die.” Thankfully my parents didn’t listen, they sold the house and we went to Beijing. My parents did everything they could, sacrificed so much to help me and because of that today I am alive and healthy.

A lack of resources almost caused my death. I don’t want other children to have to go through that- no hope because their parents didn’t have enough funds to provide medical care. I want to help them so when they are older and have understanding that they will know they were loved and someone did all they could do to bring them hope, to give them life. That someone was fighting for them like my parents fought for me.

– Grace

I am Amy, born in a small remote village in southern China into a large peasant farm family. I have one brother and four sisters, and this caused a lot of financial pressure for my parents. Half of what was produced on our allotted land had to be handed over to the co-op; the rest was barely enough to fill all our stomachs. We were unquestionably poor, but even so I still have many beautiful childhood memories.

Our poverty made life difficult. I loved school but my parents often could not afford the tuition for me to attend. Our clothes were old and worn and I had patches on my trousers. Unlike the young people today who deliberately cut a hole in their pants because it is cool, my situation was different – I could not afford new clothes. I felt sorry for myself until I met a classmate in high school whose situation was even worse off than mine. She had no parents (her father passed away, her mother remarried) and she and her brother had to live with her Grandparents. Although my parents were poor and couldn’t give me a rich material life, they loved us, and I had a family. I realized then what a precious thing that was!

That is when my heart first began to have a burden to serve orphans. I determined that when I had the ability, I would build a place for them to live.

I graduated from high school and went to Beijing to study at university. My major was financial accounting, but I ended up not being very interested in a career in finance. I worked for a while in sales and finance after graduation, but I didn’t like it very much. When I met my husband and got married in 2000 I quit my job. During that time, I heard that New Day Foster Home was recruiting nannies. I did not hesitate to apply. Many wondered why I as a college student would want to be a nanny. I didn’t see it that way, I saw it as an opportunity for me to fulfil my dream to help orphans. I was willing to do whatever was needed. So I became one of the first childcare workers for New Day Foster Home.

Although I get attached to the children and it’s hard seeing them leave to be adopted, I know deep down that is really the goal all along. I love seeing how their lives change and how they blossom. It makes me feel that all the effort and sacrifice I may have made was worth it all. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Through the process of serving our children I end up being the most blessed.

Over the years I was promoted from a childcare worker to a teacher in the preschool and now to the manager of the home. In the process of serving the children, I am constantly witnessing the miracle of God’s healing. He is faithful to answer our prayers!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the children’s lives, letting love work its magic, seeing their lives bloom, and finally seeing them join their forever families. It fills my heart with joy! I love children! I love this job!

– Amy


In the mid 90’s I was a fulltime stay home mom with three young children in New York City. Although I had interest in the medical world and a pre-med undergrad degree I was very content being a mother to my girls. They got all of me. One day a friend from Kenya out of the blue told me that she saw me healing children with my hands. Although nothing immediately changed in my life, a seed was planted in my heart for the poorest of the poor and the broken. It was 7 years later that I begin to devote my life and time to the cause of special need orphans. I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years and so far, it has been mostly children in Asia. I honestly feel like I’m right in the middle of what I was created to do. We’ve given lots of our time and spent lots of money to help these kids, but it’s never been a sacrifice. It’s a privilege!

– Karen

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