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Bird Nest

posted on February 7, 2024

At last, the kids had a chance to visit the Bird Nest in Olympic Park. It became a fun snow playground with some fun equipment for the kids to enjoy the snow in winter. The best part was the ice slide. All of them loved it so much and went ...


TV Tower

posted on February 7, 2024

The children had the opportunity to ascend to the observation deck at 740 feet high in the TV Tower, where they were treated to truly unique views of Beijing city. The landscape stretched out before them, revealing the beauty of the cityscape from a new perspective. It was a breathtaking ...


To the Zoo

posted on February 7, 2024

The children were thrilled to see monkeys swinging on branches, as well as deer, zebras, and other animals. However, the most exciting moment was when they spotted the chubby pandas, which made all the walking throughout the day worthwhile.


Visit Aquarium

posted on February 7, 2024

When Mia, Joy, Benjamin, Samuel, and Jacob visited the aquarium in Beijing, they were utterly captivated by various ocean creatures. From the stunningly beautiful fish to the mesmerizingly colorful jellyfish, and even the adorable penguins, every sight was a marvel to behold. The children wandered around in wonder, thoroughly enjoying ...


Visit National Museum of Nature

posted on February 2, 2024

With the winter holidays, we felt privileged to have a chance to invite some of the primary school students from the Savannah project for a three-day tour in Beijing. It’s was the first time Benjamin, Jacob, Samuel, Mia, and Joy have visited Beijing. Even though the schedule was full every ...


Visit to a Discovery Museum

posted on January 23, 2024

The schoolchildren had the chance to visit the local children’s discovery museum, a fascinating place that blends simple science equipment with a playground featuring a high slide, ball pit, and tunnels. It’s a delightful spot where kids can wholeheartedly enjoy and explore with enthusiasm. 


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