A Special Trip

A Special Trip

For Joshua and Han, there were some surprising benefits for them coming to Beijing for checkups and treatment. In addition to going to the hospital, they also traveled twice, once to the tropical botanical garden and once to the zoo. The greenhouse of the botanical garden is lush and green, like the tropics. The bright flowers of trees and various green plants that are rare in the north makes people feel like they are strolling in the warm southern countryside. The boys enjoyed it so much they didn’t realize they had walked a long way.

At the zoo, the boys met friendly monkeys and gibbons. They took the small sightseeing train to see the bears, deer, and tigers. What they had met many times in books they finally saw in real life. Han was very excited to see all the animals, especially the little monkey at the observation window, who seemed like an old friend. Joshua saw animals he had seen in his book walking around in front of him. He was surprised that they could be so close to them.

Going out, walking through the jungle, and seeing animals… It turns out that going to Beijing to for a health checkup can be so fun!

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