A Tour and a Race

A Tour and a Race

BioDuro, a drug development company, invited us a and few of the children to come for a tour of their laboratory. They were also having a fundraising race and we thankful for how they are helping support New Day!

At the beginning of the tour their was a timeline if the company

Rose, Owen, and Catherine tour the factory

Owen listened carefully to see what all the different equipment did

Owen feels the really cold storage box

This room was pretty cold too!

Look at that Karen!

It's Owen's turn

Catherine looks at the cells

Owen, are you leading the tour?

Rose goes to look in the microscope

It looks like Rose had a great time

Catherine pours a solution to see what chemical reaction will take place


There's always time to stop for a picture

They prepared gifts for each of the children

Rose, that's a huge truck!

Thank you for the gifts!

Lunch time!

Owen's plate is full

Food is one of Owen's favorite things

Pizza and salad!

Before the race Karen shared a little about New Day and the children

Rose was tired after such a fun day

We were thankful for this opportunity

The official presentation of the donation

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