August Birthday Party

August Birthday Party

This month we had three birthdays to celebrate: Austyn turned eleven, James turned seven, and Sophie turned four. Our friends from the Ritz Carlton brought a cake for everyone to share. It is always fun to have a party!

What a beautiful birthday girl!

James is eager for the fun to begin

Everyone watches in fascination as the candles are lit

Can you blow out all the candles, Sophie?

Now it is James' turn

What pretty candles!

Light them once more for the other birthday boy…

Now it is time to enjoy the cake!

Eli concentrates on getting all that yummy goodness

Are you ready for more, James?

Austyn gets some help from his teacher…

… but Tim wants to do it himself

Is that yummy, Faith?

Time for presents!

James examines his gifts eagerly

A soft, fuzzy new friend!

Ooh, what's in here?

We are so thankful to everyone who helped us celebrate!

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