Backyard School Fun

Backyard School Fun

It isn’t all hard work in the backyard school! While Catherine, Owen, and Hudson all do work sure hard they also have a lot of fun!

Owen practices his writing

Hudson works hard coloring his car

Catherine has English lesson via skype!

Hudson and Catherine are exploring our new science equipment

Hudson, your mouth is so big!

Hudson wears special glasses to see prisms

What are you going to draw?

Owen is drawing a silly person!

Hudson is having fun!

They are such good friends!

Hudson and Owen take a break to play a game on the IPad

They all think it's pretty fun!

Catherine knows that Hudson is pretty ticklish!

Owen is super serious while he is drawing

Catherine adds detail to her butterfly

Hudson adds circles to the wings

Abby shows them how to add color to their butterflies

Hudson wanted an orange butterfly!

Owen cuts out his butterfly

That looks great!

Hudson, is your butterfly finished?

That looks awesome

Catherine puts her finished butterfly on the bulletin board

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