Backyard Water Fun!

Backyard Water Fun!

When the temperature rises and you’re outside water has to be involved! Luckily, we have plenty of opportunities to play in water in our backyard. From pools to sprinklers to water balloons there is no shortage of water fun.

Baby pools are a great way to cool off!

Everrit loves playing in the water

So much fun!

Ru pours water onto his hands

Luke has water dripping down his face

Water balloons!

James, are you getting wet?

Squirt guns are a lot of fun!

Luke found a balloon

Ru has 2!

Maggie's giggles filled the air

Aerin is having a lot of fun!

Katie, did you like the water?

Josias is ready to crawl through the pool

Tim loved to splash

Austyn ducks as water is poured over him

Being squirted is so funny!

Austyn, are you trying to catch the water?

Owen loved being in charge of the squirt gun

Playing in water is always so much fun for everyone!

A full pool!

Paul was content to be held

Tim loved walking through the sprinkler

Does the water feel good?

Rose is a perfect example of what childhood in the summer should look like!

Are you trying to catch the water with your tongue?

Maggie ran through again and again

Owen decided it was time to get his clothes wet!

It was so much fun he went through another time!

Freddy and his buddy run through

Who is having the most fun?

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