Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days

Summer is slowing winding down and the weather is getting just a little bit cooler. This means that so many hot days we can finally play outside again! We all have enjoyed the fresh air and the kids love playing and exploring.

Tracy and Emmanuel rest on the swing

Tracy, are you tired?

Kevin smiles because he's outside!

Larry and Rosie swing with their nannies

Fast asleep!

Luke thinks that there is so much to see

Tim and Andrew are ready to explore!

Austyn looks pretty happy to be swinging with the nannies

Ronan, are you helping Adam?

Naysa looks like she's on a mission!

Austyn and Isabella enjoy the teeter totter

Austyn goes up, can he go down?

Lets ride on the animals!

Good job holding on Isabella!

Ronan, you're such a good big brother helping Isabella!

We're pretty sure Amelia likes the horse!

Maggie says, 'Let's swing!'

Nathan could swing all day long

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