Bounce House

Bounce House

What child doesn’t love to play on a bounce house? Our visitors from Cummins sponsored the rental of one, and everyone enjoyed the fun – visitors, nannies, and most of all, the children!

Lilly Grace is all smiles!

Climb, Austyn, climb!

Here comes Sophie!

It looks like Eli made a friend

Maggie gets a helping hand

Which is harder, going up or coming down?

Owen makes it look so easy!

Can you make it to the top?

Do we have a little mountain climber in training?

She seems to like the bounce house, too

Owen and Katie share a ride in the musical car

Time for a rest

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

What do you think, Sophie?

Faith tries sliding on her stomach

Oops! Looks like Rose fell over!

Luke is on his way, too

The view from the top of the slide is exhilarating!

Here are some more happy faces

"Roll over, roll over!"

Pile on - the more, the merrier!

Are you having fun, James?

Whoa! There's an awful lot of bouncing going on!

It's your turn, Nathan!

… and with a new friend

Freddy tries out the slide by himself…

Doesn't he look happy?

Tim likes the bouncing

Peek-a-boo, JT!

Mabry watches all the fun while taking a rest

You don't have to be able to jump to enjoy the bounce house

Do you want to get on, too, Aerin?

Titus voices his approval of the morning's activities

Even the youngest babies get to enjoy this special event

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