Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Every year before Chinese New Year we gather to celebrate as our New Day family. We make and eat lots of dumplings and it is always a great time of celebrating together!

Look! There's a lantern!

Andrew's big smile

Sophie tries to reach the pretty yellow tassels

Ronan, what do you see?

Happy Chinese New Year, Kelly!

Dumpling making!

After you put the filling in you have to fold all the edges

Freddy is ready for his turn

Wow, that's a lot of dumpling filling!

Freddy has his wrapper ready!

That looks like a good dumpling!

Maggie knew just what to do

You put a little filling in the middle...

And then fold it over

Hudson is ready for more filling

Little hands folding dumplings

Sophie, are you holding your dumpling?

Catherine made lots of dumplings

Tim wants to help!

Making dumplings with the babies!

Kevin watches as his nanny folds a dumpling

Aerin is having fun!

Luke found some of the dough

Kelly reaches for the dumpling

Wait! Don't eat it yet!

Hope helps hold the chopsticks

Anna enjoys the dumpling making process

Everrit grabs a dumpling

Paul's nanny helps him feel a dumpling

Joshua, is the dumpling squishy?

Luke and JT watch as more dumplings are made

Nap time for Stuart!

JT makes sure that no one takes too much filling!

Chopsticks are fun to play with!

Here's a little bit of filling!

Still making dumplings!

Austyn is ready to eat!

Wow! So many dumplings!

The dumplings are ready to be cooked!

Firecrackers are ready to be lit

JT, are you ready for all the noise?

Time to eat!

James is enjoying his lunch

Maggie takes a bite of her dumpling

Ronan enjoys the chicken

Austyn was hungry

James and Catherine ate a lot

Freddy, is that dumpling yummy?

Kelly, what do you think of our Chinese New Year meal?

Stuart finishes his lunch

The nannies love watching the slideshow with pictures of adopted children

Watching for familiar faces

Time for games!

The nannies and staff had a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!

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