Celebrating New Day’s Women

Celebrating New Day’s Women

March 8th is a day to honor and celebrate women around the world. Here at New Day we are blessed to work alongside so many phenomenal women. In China, Women’s Day is celebrated by giving women half of a day off work. Here are just some of the amazing women of New Day!

Karen and Joshua spend some quality time together

Aerin laughs with her nanny Kelley

Group hugs are always a favorite

Abby, our preschool teacher, finds time to play with the littler kids

Macey has her arms (and heart) full!

Joshua enjoys cuddles with Grace

Jan's lap is usually pretty full

Ruby helps James cut his paper

Aerin enjoys her bottle with her nanny Julia

Brenda and JT always have so much fun

Catherine is becoming such a beautiful young woman

We love the look of love on Lisa's face

Lilly Grace's foster sister is so caring and compassionate

Ryan and Faith always have a great time with their foster mama

Caroline gently guides and instructs Hudson

Andrew feels secure in Kelley's lap

Alice knows being a nanny isn't always cuddles and hugs, but also includes necessary tasks like trimming toenails!

Laura makes sure Joshua knows how loved he is

Gloria makes things such as walking in a line so much fun!

So much love!

Anna, who works in the finance department, is always willing to help during field trips!

Ronan takes a break from playing to cuddle with Eliza

Lydia, our nursing assistant, walks with Nathan during a field trip

Aerin smiles at Yvonne during her occupational therapy session

Our doctor, Nancy, does rounds each morning to make sure the children are healthy

Cuddles with Josias are one of the perks of the job

Sara, our foster home assistant manager, takes a break to talk with Aerin

Our volunteers are sure to have lots of cuddle time

It's not all work for our cleaner Kay!

Vicki takes such good care of the many children she has fostered

Amy, our foster home manager, takes a break from her work to play with Tim

Joy, our cook, found Ryan when she was delivering food to the upstairs!

Zoey finds fun ways to distract the children during their physical therapy sessions

One of our newest volunteers is helping teach Catherine piano!

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