Clowns and Magicians Oh My!

Clowns and Magicians Oh My!

Earlier this week Caterpillar planed a fun performance for the kids. They brought a clown and a magician, balloons and cotton candy. IT was such a fun morning and we are so thankful for how Caterpillar has supported New Day.

Bubbles lead the way to a fun performance!

Katie discovered the balloons

Waiting patiently for everything to start

Katie, is that cotton candy for you?

Sam was excited to get his very own cotton candy

James, is it yummy?

Owen enjoyed his cotton candy

Maggie, is it sweet on your tongue?

Austyn loved the cotton candy and couldn't eat it fast enough!

Nathan, what do you see?

Titus licks the sweetness off his fingers

Noelle's balloon matches her outfit!

JT points at something exciting

We're ready!

It looks like everyone is enjoying the clown!

Smiles and laughter filled the room

Maggie, the clown is trying to give you his hat!

James sits perfectly still as the hat is placed on his head

Wow James, good job!

Sophie can balance a plate on her finger!

So cool!

James thinks it's pretty funny

Ru had a great time

Luke loved the balloons

Tim, are you having fun?

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

Rose has a balloon bird!

Ryan checks out his cool balloon

Judah looks like he's having a great time

Cyrus enjoyed cuddling with his nanny

Wynston enjoyed cuddles too!

Owen, what is in the bag?

Maggie loved interacting with the clown

Aerin really enjoyed the balloons

Abner, is that a dog?

Joshua was all bundled up for the show

There was not enough excitement for Katie

Lydia got to experience all of the excitement

Owen, where did that bird come from?

Sam tries to decided if he wants to pet the bird or not

Freddy and Ryan loved the bird

Ryan and Tigger, cute as could be!

The kids enjoyed playing with Tigger

Titus though it was all fun!

Ryan found a comfortable place to sit

What is happening here!

Popping rice!

Eating it was the best part!

Owen knew how to attack the piñata

Eli takes a big swing

Will Sophie's swing open the piñata?

Great job Nathan!

It’s the best part, running to get the candy!

Mabry, what did you think of everything?

The babies had a great time

Joshua made friends

Cyrus found a shoulder to sleep on

Katie takes in the visitors

Such a sweet girl!

Sam came out with awesome balloons!

Abner and Ryan got to bring home a lot of balloons!

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