Colorful Leaves

Colorful Leaves

Fall is here and the leaves a starting to turn beautiful colors. The leaves on the vines that grow near the foster home are bright red and we thought that the kids would enjoy taking a little trip outside to see the leaves!

James loved looking all of the leaves

James shows off his pretty red leaf

Rose has a lot of leaves!

Do you think Maggie is going to throw her leaves up in the air?

Freddy, those leaves are so big!

Freddy, those leaves are so big!

Wow, that's bigger than your face!

Nathan took time to study his leaves

Sam, those leaves are bright red!

Sam loved getting out to see the leaves

Luke, are you going to pick a leaf?

Does Ru have leaf hair?

Josias and the pretty leaves

Tim, aren't the leaves beautiful?

Sophie has a big bouquet of leaves!

And now she has a leaf crown!

JT carried the leaves with him

Austyn, the leaves almost match your sweatshirt!

The little boys found a fun way to see the leaves

Our unbeleafably cute preschoolers!

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