Courtyard Fun!

Courtyard Fun!

Lately the kids have loved playing in the courtyard. It’s a great escape from the playroom and there are so many fun toys to play with.

James is a great helper pushing Freddy on the swing

James, are you going to catch Josias?

James just fits in the swing

Slam dunk for Luke!

Such joy

Maggie makes a basket

Freddy is so excited that his ball went in the basket

It's Sam's turn!

Ru, you're not a basketball!

Mabry loves having a 'big brother' like James to push her

Great job James!

Freddy, did you climb there all by yourself?

Sam, where are you off too?

James crawls across the balance beam

Go Freddy, Go!

Rose loves bouncing

Maggie bounces high

Freddy, do you like the bouncy cow?

Austyn is ready to go down the slide

Going down the slide is so much fun


James, what are you doing?

James spins in the giant top

That looks like fun!

James and Freddy have more fun together

It's Rose's turn

Freddy joins Rose for some fun

Maggie always has fun playing in the courtyard

Tim thinks the giant top is the perfect place to relax

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