Grape Picking

Grape Picking

In September, when the days are a bit cooler and the grapes are in season, we take the children on a field trip to a vineyard. Our friends from Cummins often join us there and help the children enjoy this special experience. We come out of the vineyard with juicy clusters in the baskets and sticky smiles on the little faces!

Hmmm, where should we start picking?

The best part is eating them!

This cluster looks good

And they taste good, too!

Lilly Grace waits patiently for a grape to be peeled

What do you think? Is it yummy?

Eli gets to help use the scissors

Watch out for the seeds!

Look! I got one!

Let's put it in the basket with the others

Maggie finds a beautiful bunch


I want to try… this one!

Thanks for helping me!

Here's a fine cluster to add to Rose's basket

You can pick them one at a time…

… or by the cluster

Either way, Ryan thinks they're yummy!

Owen scouts the row for a likely spot

Here, you should try one!

Tim wants to help

Aren't you proud of me?

Austyn is really enjoying this outing

I'm ready whenever you are!

We make a great team, don't we?

JT shows us his latest prize

Freddy gets some help reaching a higher branch

Our basket is filling up

Can you reach, James?

Fresh-off-the-vine cucumbers are a treat, too

What did Abner find?

It doubles as a drum, apparently!

Can Nathan lift it by himself?

JT wants to help load the boxes of grapes onto the bus

One more before we leave

What a fun outing!

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