Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

All over America preschoolers have been making crafts to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. In China Mother’s Day isn’t really celebrated, but we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our nannies and foster moms, the women that our children call mama. While they won’t be their mama’s forever, we hope these little handprint flowers will help them remember what an amazing impact they have made on the children they so lovingly cared for.

James decorates his hand prints

Sophie carefully draws lines

Connie adds leaves to her flowers

Freddy and Nathan talk about their coloring

Eli wonders if he should add a little more color

Nathan is ready to give his flowers to his mama

Jack admires his work

It's for you mama!

Jack and his foster mama

Mama, I made you a flower!

Such beautiful love

Sophie give her nanny her flower

Kisses for mama!

James' nanny thanks him for the flower

Flower kisses!

Happy Mother's Day mama!

It's for you mama!

Freddy give his mama a flower and a kisses

Hudson gives his mama her card

Happy Mother's Day!

Nathan's foster mama loves her flower


Josie's foster mama helps her put on her shoes

Thank you mama!

The flowers for you!

I made you a flower too!

Matthew made a orange flower for his mama

Mama, this is for you!

This was Lisa first time to celebrate Mother's Day!

Marcus gives his mama a flower

This is for you Mama!


Freddy sweetly kisses his mama

Ava is excited to give her nanny a flower

Austyn and his mama

Mama, this is for you!

Those smiles tell you all you need to know!

Connie isn't in the CCU anymore but she made flowers for her old nannies

Big hugs!

And kisses

I made one for you too!

So much love!

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