July Birthday Party!

July Birthday Party!

It’s time to celebrate our July birthdays! This month we have three birthdays, Maggie turns 6 and Titus and Josias both celebrate their first birthdays! We have so much fun celebrating these sweet kids with our friends from the Ritz Carlton.

Maggie waits patiently as her candles are lit

Happy birthday to Maggie!

Blow a little harder!

Josias tries to figure out this whole birthday party thing

Nathan wants to help Josias blow out his candle too!

Yum, yum!

Maggie always enjoys cake, but it was extra special because it was for her birthday!

Maggie licks every last bit off her plate

Maggie is ready for more!

Was there a little frosting on your lip?

Nathan found a friend to help him

Eli, that's a big piece of cake!

Lilly Grace is ready for some more

Freddy, is it yummy?

James finishes the last bite of his cake

A present for Josias!

An animal book!

Maggie, is that for you?

So, so exited!

It looks like "My Little Ponies" were a great present

Titus, it's time to celebrate your birthday!

Are you ready to blow out your candle?

Titus is too amazed by the candle to blow it out

Titus enjoyed his cake

Tim, are you ready for another bite?

JT enjoys his fruit and Ru was happy to sneak in to help celebrate Titus (and eat cake!)

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