Let Them Be Little

Let Them Be Little

Our children have gone through so much in their short lives, way more than any child should have to go through. They know the feeling of abandonment and have spent too many nights in hospitals. Because of their past is it even more important to let them be little. To give them normal childhood experiences that are full of joy and exploration. Playing in the rain is one of the little things we like to do to let our kids be little!

Cover your eyes!

Owen enjoyed jumping in the puddles too!

Austyn came out to play in the puddles too!

Everyone liked jumping and splashing

JT sees makes little waves in the puddle

Stuart loved splashing in puddles

I bet the water feels good!

Tim is ready in his rain boots

Luke loved jumping and splashing

Big step!

Everrit is all smiles!

Maggie and Rose use umbrellas to keep dry

So much joy!

Rose is so sweet to share her umbrella

Freddy is enjoying the rain

It looks like everyone had so much fun (and got a little wet!)

Running through the puddles

Freddy is on a mission

Branches are prefect to splash with

Jump, jump, splash!

Maggie was full of energy

I bet Maggie's jump made a huge splash

James goes as fast as he can!

Jumping James

It seemed like the kids were never tired

So sweet!

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