Let’s Dress Up!

Let’s Dress Up!

Imaginations run wild when it’s time to dress up. From doctors to policeman to superheroes we love seeing the kids play and explore. You never know what they will come up with, but you know that they will have a lot of fun while playing and exploring!

Maggie looks at her pretty dress in the mirror.

Little doctor Everrit

James the astronaut!

Astronauts and princess doctors make great friends!

Princess doctors change clothes often!

Maggie preforms a checkup while Rose waits for her turn

Maybe Josias will grow up to be a zoo keeper!

Luke proves that astronauts can be dragons too

Now you're an M&M!

Police officer James, reporting for duty!

James, what did Abby do?

It's birthday doctor Freddy

Freddy very carefully gives a shot

JT makes a great firefighter

Sunglasses make any outfit better!

It's super Tim!

Rose is a beautiful Snow White

Such a little fashionista

The cutest group of kids!

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