Let’s Go Play!

Let’s Go Play!

An owner at a play place in a mall nearby invited our children to come and play for the morning. Afterwards we were able to eat at a restaurant in the same mall. It was such a fun morning and everyone enjoyed themselves.

There were toys set up all around the room for the children to play with

Sophie found the Paw Patrol cars

There was so much to explore!

James, what did you find?

Tim enjoyed relaxing in the teepee

Owen loved the Hot Wheel cars

Freddy, you're a conductor!

Trains are always so much fun

Faith enjoyed the car

Eli, your car fell over!

Owen, did you build those houses?

Faith spent some time playing with the pretend makeup

Nathan rearranges all of the bottles

JT, what is inside of the truck?

Maggie enjoyed all of the doll houses

Rose, we'd like some ice cream please

Our sweet princesses

Freddy gets help putting the doll on the horse

Owen found all kinds of fun things to play with

Nathan had so much fun!

James pushes the trucks in a line

Owen! The dinosaur is eating you!

Austyn loved the teeter totter

It was hard to get everyone to stay still for a picture!

Time for lunch!

The kids meals came in cool boats and were super yummy!

We're so thankful for all of our friends who invite us to come play and eat!

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