Let’s Go Swimming!

Let’s Go Swimming!

If swimming in the backyard is fun going to a big water park is even more fun! So, we loaded up a bus and took the kids swimming one hot summer day! It was the perfect way to cool off and everyone had a lot of fun!

Everrit loved splashing

Luke was a little surprised when all the water shot out!

Austyn and his nanny enjoyed walking in the water

Rose, don't splash the camera!

James had a smile on his face the whole time!

Nathan, does the water feel good?

Owen had the best time

Tim, where is all the water coming from?

Rose practices swimming!

The water felt so good

Everrit flies through the air into the water!

Everrit gets a ride from Freddy!


Everrit crawls away before Freddy can splash him

Nathan works on his breaststroke

Eli is amazed by the water shooting out

Who can splash higher?

Eli loved swimming!

Rose and James are floating in the water!

Luke! Those sunglasses are a little big for you!

Owen sat in the middle of the water geyser

Owen choose the right bucket!

Rose loved the feeling of the sand between her toes!

JT, was the slide fun?

Nathan went down the slide over and over!

Do you think Owen likes it or not?

Owen made the biggest splash!

James loved the slide

JT relaxes under the falling water

Luke loved reaching out and feeling the water

Everrit had the best time!

Freddy takes a little time to relax

Tim could sit under the water all day

Eli, are you ready to go?

Nathan agrees that it was a great day!

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