Let’s go to the Zoo!

Let’s go to the Zoo!

Fall is the perfect time for a trip to the zoo. The weather was perfect, the animals were active, and everyone had such a great time. Our friends at Cummins help sponsor our field trips and were able to join us for a fun day at the zoo!

A baby llama greeted us at the entrance

There was a dog too!

Sam, do you see the animals?

Rose had a perfect vantage point

Austyn rose in style

Ru, what do you see?

Sam looks up to see an animal


Maggie was so excited

Austyn wanted to try to touch the monkey

Rose loved looking at the animals

Hi there monkey!

Sophie thought the animals were so much fun

Ru hangs out with the baboons

JT could have watched them for hours

We have a goat at home, so Freddy knew just what to do!

Austyn and the baboon

James loved all the different monkeys

Owen found his favorite animal, the cheetahs!

Time to go on the safari ride!

Maggie, is that a bear?

Freddy is ready to feed his carrot to an animal

Look James, it’s a deer

So much fun

Ru and Sophie, what animal are you watching?


The lemurs got so close!

Ducks and swans are always so fun to watch

Which one is your favorite Freddy?

It's a crocodile! (we're all glad it's not real!)

Freddy loved the giraffes

What do you see Freddy?

The meerkats were pretty funny

Owen poses with some raccoons!

Lunch time!

That looks yummy

JT, are you enjoying your lunch?

Owen loves food

Feeding the swans was a lot of fun

James found more ducks and swans

Sophie is ready to see more animals on the train

It looks like everyone is having fun

Tim and Owen enjoy the ride

Owen looks at a tiger in the distance

James, have you seen a lot of animals?

Such a fun field trip!

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