Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mid-Autumn Festival!

We have just celebrated one of China’s favourite festivals here at New Day. The staff and children had a wonderful time tasting many varieties of moon cakes.

Let's get this party started

James says I like the look of this one

Tim is very interested in all the different colours and patterns

And it tastes just as good as it looks

Austyn is keen to give this one a try

Hmmmm, it smells pretty great says Maggie

Sam is enjoying tucking in to his purple moon cake

Well Freddy, have you ever tasted a moon cake like this one before?

I don't think you should eat the whole thing in one mouthful, Mabry!

It is quite hard to choose just one, isn't it, Owen

One big huddle of cuteness in the ccu room

Joshua is not entirely sure about this moon cake

So would you like it, Cyrus?

Yeah sure, don't mind if I do!

That's a very big moon cake for a very little mouth

Aerin has one for now and one tucked away in case she feels hungry later on

Paul is busy trying different flavours

The more you spread on your face, the tastier they get, says Noelle

This moon cake festival is the best, says Titus

And watermelon makes every festival special

Oops, I spilled some of my cake all over the floor, says Katie

Aerin says she is already looking forward to next year's mid-autumn festival

What have these two cheeky little monkeys found?

I love it! says JT

Thank you to all the nannies for making it such a special day for all the children

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