NDV: COVID-19 Relief

NDV: COVID-19 Relief

All of the families in our Vietnam program are low income and unable to provide for the surgeries and medical care their children need. While the aggressive lockdown measures in Vietnam have been very successful in containing the covid-19 virus, these same measures have taken a toll on many of these families, making their situations even harder.

In keeping with our vision of helping the families in our program beyond the initial medical care of their children, we are now providing additional financial support during this time to those in most need.

Last week, our team in Vietnam visited seven of these families living in one of Vietnam’s poorest provinces. We were all too happy to give each family the equivalent of over one month’s wage in cash donation and a generous gift bag of food items donated by local volunteers.

We hope to expand this outreach to our families in other locations soon. We are receiving donations in our “New Day Vietnam Fund” for those who would like to help make this happen.

Our staff person, Anna, along with volunteers and local social services staff went to the home of each of the families. Phuc is doing so much better after his heart surgery earlier this year!

Nhan’s family is from one of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic minorities. The financial support and food items will be a big help to Nhan and his mom.

Life is challenging in the best of times for this mom whose full time job is caring for her 8 children - baby Phuc (not in this picture), his 2 triplet brothers and 5 older siblings!

We had been a bit concerned for Duong after her heart surgery in 2018, but the docs say she is doing well now. Mom and Grandmother are taking great care of this young lady!

Thy and her mom live alone by the seaside where Mom makes a living by harvesting ‘clams’ when the tide is out. They were very grateful for the gifts we brought them.

Thien Di and her mom live with grandparents while the father is away working as a laborer. She continues to do well after her surgery last year.

Nhat Le’s family is from another one of Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups. The financial gift and food items will certainly be a big help for this family.

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