NDV: Family Visits

NDV: Family Visits

Most of the children we are helping at New Day Vietnam live in families in very rural locations. When a child has been recommended to us for assistance, we first travel to the his / her home to meet the child and better understand the family’s situation.

So many rivers in the Mekong Delta! In many places, crossing by ferry is the only option.

Many of these families live in very humble housing (and often on stilts because of periodic flooding.)

We sit with the families in their homes and review any prior medical reports they might have.

Tran has already had one heart surgery, we’ll be providing her much needed 2nd surgery soon.

Trân’s family lives along a riverbank, also in very humble circumstances.

The back of Trân’s house, picture taken from the families small fish farm in the back.

As is the custom in this area, Trân bows to us as we leave (so cute!)

Moving on to the next family, many of the rice fields are flooded this time of year.

Many houses are built along the riverbanks in the Mekong.

At the next child’s home, we first meet Grandmother preparing fish for market.

We first meet Trung and his family at his Grandmother’s house.

Trung (yellow shirt) was diagnosed with CHD at six years of age, but the family has not been able to get the medical help he needs.

Of course, we have to stop and eat on these trips. Fresh river catfish!

Flowers for the hotpot! Yummy!

This little fellow is ethnic Khmer, lives very close to the Cambodian border.

Grandmother taking care of big sister in the next room.

These little fellows weren’t quite sure what to make of us!

Saying good bye to the family!

Working lunch for our team and local hosts (more great food!)

This happy little lady liked to smile for the camera.

We also like to checkup on children we helped in the past on these trips. Duong had a major heart surgery earlier this year, but she’s doing well now.

Our visits are often big events for all of the neighbors as well!

And while most greet us warmly, this little lady wasn’t quite so sure about us!

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