Ornaments and Handprints!

Ornaments and Handprints!

It’s Christmas time and preparations are in full gear! The preschoolers started by decorating their window with ornament window clings. Then all of the kids got to make a Christmas tree with their hand or their foot. We are excited for Christmas to come!

Naysa makes sure her ornament sticks

James puts his ornament on very carefully

Freddy adds a little angel

Maggie, did you put the snowman ornament on?

Ronan reaches for the candy cane

Are you singing like the snowman, Austyn?

Tim makes sure the house stays on the window

Naysa thinks getting her hand painted is very funny

James is very serious

Freddy can't believe his hand is green!

Good job, Maggie!

Elias, did you make your handprint?

Tim shows us his green hand

Everrit isn't sure about this handprint thing

Luke's little foot!

Tracy doesn't look too impressed

Ronan makes sure his whole hand is green

Austyn waits to see his handprint

Paul's sweet little foot

Rosie watches to see what her hand will look like

Stuart makes sure that there is no more paint on his foot

"What are you guys doing to me?" -Aerin

Sweet, chubby Josias

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