Picking Cucumbers!

Picking Cucumbers!

We grow cucumbers in our backyard and thought that our preschoolers would enjoy picking them. We’re actually not sure what they thought was more fun, the picking or the eating!

Eli is excited to pick lots of cucumbers

Eli reaches into the vines to find one

Eli shows off his prize

Freddy helps grab one

Wow, it's so big!

James is so excited!

Maggie, are you going to add your cucumber to the bowl?

So many cucumbers!

Lilly Grace found a perfect one to pick

JT pulls hard

Did you take a bite?

Nathan, that cucumber looks great!

Nathan and Lilly Grace enjoy their cucumber snack

Yum, yum!

James takes a big bite

Lilly Grace really enjoyed her cucumber

Freddy and JT are off with their cucumbers in hand!

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