Picking Mulberries

Picking Mulberries

This is the first year our mulberry tree in the backyard produced fruit and everyone has been enjoying it! The kids quickly learned that they could eat the juicy berries and even shared them with their friends!

Luke found a mulberry

Hmm, should I eat it?

I think he ate it!

Austyn loves that mulberries are so easy to pick


JT picked lots of mulberries

It looks like he's going to eat this one

Oops, don't eat the leaf!

That one might be just a little high for you JT

2 mulberries for JT!

Kelly looks at the mulberries

Josias grabs some leaves hoping to get a mulberry too

Aerin isn't sure what to think

Stuart, that looks like a great one!

JT, you're so sweet sharing a mulberry with Stuart!

Stuart shares a mulberry with Kelly!

Judah's big smile

Everrit found a perfect one

Reach a little higher Tim


Abner's mulberry

So good!

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