Picking Pears

Picking Pears

We have a pear tree in our backyard and the pears are finally ready to pick! The kids enjoyed picking them, but of course the best part is always eating the fruit of their labor!

Ru found a good pear

Tim didn’t waste time picking the pear before he ate it


Austyn decides which pear he wants to eat

Austyn enjoyed eating his pear

JT, did you pick those?

Eli, that looks like a great pear!

Josias, does it feel like a ball?

James is so excited that he picked his very own pear

Freddy searches for the perfect pear

Freddy shows off his pear

Nathan, does that pear look good?

Nathan takes a big bite!

Everrit enjoys holding a pear

Maggie reaches high to get a pear

Maggie and Rose enjoy their pears together

Sophie takes a big bite of a pear

Enjoying pears!

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