Picking Strawberries!

Picking Strawberries!

Last week we were able to go on a super fun and super yummy field trip. We picked strawberries!

Nathan found a good one


Luke studies everything very carefully

Do you want to try it?

Josie bites into a juicy berry

It was so good!

Lilly Grace couldn't get enough strawberries

Stuart, are you having fun?

JT found a big one

When there's strawberry juice dripping down your chin you know it's yummy!

Faith looks a little apprehensive

Here, Mama, you try one

Ryan takes a big bite

Ryan doesn't waste time picking a berry he's just going to eat!

That looks like a good one!

Eli, did you eat a lot of strawberries?

Austyn is ready to grab another strawberry

He was a super strawberry eater

Freddy wastes no time eating several at once!

Freddy sweetly shares with Stuart

Yum, yum!

Maggie wants to share a strawberry with you!

James, those look great!

Maggie and James thought feeding each other was fun

Another strawberry for James

Catherine fills up her container

How many berries did you pick, Owen?

Tim, here's a strawberry!

Walking with your tongue out makes everything more fun!

That looks like a great ride!

When we were finished picking strawberries we got to see a horse!

There were pretty flowers everywhere

Josie loved the flowers and being outside

Maggie has a beautiful flower crown

Such a fun and yummy day!

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