As Halloween approached we started to talk about pumpkins in preschool. We talked about what color they were, did crafts to make our own pumpkins, and read stories with pumpkins. Then, on Halloween our preschoolers got to carve their own pumpkin!

Naysa thinks it's amazing


Freddy looks inside the pumpkin

Freddy, do you see the pumpkins eyes?

Ava can't wait to see the pumpkin all lit up!

It's amazing!

Nathan thinks it's super cool

Is the pumpkin heavy?

Nathan saw the candle and thought it was for a birthday, so we all sang happy birthday!

James takes a look inside

Hmmm¡­I wonder how this works

Freddy puts the lid back on

Everyone thinks the pumpkin is amazing

Freddy inspects the pumpkin very closely

Freddy, are you going to share the pumpkin?

What does it smell like?

Look at what was inside the pumpkin!

So many seeds

Naysa isn't sure if she likes the feeling of the pumpkin goop

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