Sponsor Party 2018

Sponsor Party 2018

Each year we have a party to thank our Chinese sponsors. From the kites hanging in the trees, the games throughout the backyard, and the delicious snacks everyone had a lot of fun! We are so thankful for our sponsors and how they are helping us Catch the Wind!

When the sponsors arrived there were plenty of crafts for them to do

Looking through scrapbooks of adopted children is always a highlight

Catherine helps the sponsors make pinwheels

Everyone is gathered for performances

Some of our volunteers started the afternoon with a song

A group of music students came to play a few songs as well

Everyone enjoyed the performances

Karen and Grace thank the sponsors and tell about how they have helped make a difference in the children's lives

Owen and Catherine shared a poem

The preschoolers are ready for their performance

Sophie, Hannah, Maggie, and Rose look beautiful!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

Faith loves to dance!

James and Hannah are doing a great job

Eli loves to perform in front of crowds

Maggie reaches to the sky

Time to set up all of the food!

There were boats made out of jello and fruit

And a boat made out of cake!

Ryan enjoys some cuddles

Sophie poses with a sponsor's child

Nathan has a boat on his cheek!

Freddy waits patiently as his face is painted

Rose has balloons!

Abner found a pinwheel to walk around with

Hannah is ready to play

Jumping Maggie

Rose loves the trampoline

So much joy!

The sponsors enjoyed spending a little time playing with the kids

James gets to try some cake

Everrit might want some cake too!

Josias holds on to his balloon tightly

Sweet Micaela

Titus is amazed by the balloon

Katie is beautiful in her sweet dress

Noelle, what do you think of your first sponsor party?

Raymond and Paul enjoy the beautiful day

Judah found a willing sponsor to hold him

Eli had so much fun

Abner's smile filled his face

Luke's sponsor enjoys some cuddles

It looks like everyone is having a great time

Aerin is ready to play

Kids, balloons, nannies, and sponsors - could it get any better?

Stuart has a spoon for both hands!

Kelly looks beautiful in her yellow dress

Cuddles are Kelly's favorite

Lilly Grace loved her balloon

Freddy had a great time! (and requested for his nose to be painted purple!)

Boat races!

Go, James, go!

Rose is taking the race very seriously

Owen, is your boat going to win?

Faith gets a little help from her foster mama, but Ryan just wants to play with the boat!

Freddy loves cake

Sophie had such a fun time

Everrit and JT enjoyed the ball pit

Abner, are you going to share the pinwheel with Lilly Grace?

Austyn thought the afternoon was perfect for swinging

Tim enjoys the bunny

Wait, are those carrots for the bunny?

Or are they for Tim?

Stuart has his hands full

Owen enjoyed playing flyswatter tennis

Good hit!

Owen has a great time playing with the other children

Who do you think can make a bigger bubble?

It's Maggie's turn to play tennis!

Owen sits to enjoy a snack and some conversation

Sophie found someone willing to push her on the swing

Look, it's Sophie!

Signs of a fun afternoon!

Catherine poses with a sponsor

At the end of the party the kites were given to the sponsors to take home

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