Sweet Babies

Sweet Babies

Babies grow up too fast, so here are some pictures that we can look back on and remember when they were littler.

Paul is too cute for words


Noelle keeps getting bigger and bigger

Such a happy girl

Paul got to Sara first!

Aerin is gorgeous with her new bow

Sweet, smiley Katie

Titus is always full of smiles

Such a silly face!

Titus, you're getting so big!

Judah loves exploring

Go Judah, go!

Lydia is such a sweet girl

We love Lydia's big, beautiful eyes!

Cyrus loves cuddling with his nanny

Margaret is breathtaking

Happy Wynston

Joshua enjoys his book

Joshua the sleepy monster!

The CCU babies have won our hearts

Luke is such a big boy now!

With those dimples and that sprout we don't think Mabry could get any cuter

Josias always has a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes

Ru is getting so big, we won't be able to call him a baby much longer!

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