Therapy Sessions

Therapy Sessions

Here at New Day we have an amazing team of therapists who work with the children to help them grow and develop well. With such a variety of activities, therapy sessions can be fun, too!

Here come Eli and Nathan, eager to begin!

Reading books is always fun!

Good job copying the motions!

Is that going to be a paper airplane, Eli?

Look at me! I can roll around!

Who is that in the mirror, Josias?

And then we come downstairs again

Can you point to the gorilla, JT?

Maggie smashes the sand

Ooh! Music!

… and Aerin works on crawling

What bright colors!

Who can get there first?

Joshua and Aerin take a break together

Tim practices walking…

Throw and catch, throw and catch


That's a great throw!

Lily Grace signs "cat"

Great job climbing the stairs, Mabry!


Everrit's turn

Look what I found!

Snip, snip, snip

Freddy loves books!

What a cool picture, Austyn!

Austyn shows off what he can do with the pegboard

Luke and his therapist share a laugh

And this piece goes there…

A budding artist?

James gets comfortable while his therapist works

That was a great day's work for everyone!

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