Water Fun!

Water Fun!

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees and the heat index being even higher everyone was going a little stir crazy inside. To solve the problem we had a water day in preschool! It was a great way to play outside and beat the heat!

Who are Maggie, Sophie, and Connie targeting?

Eli sprays water from his balloon

It looks like Eli is having a lot of fun

Sophie, are you trying to drink the water?

You're all wet!

Sebastian giggles as the water hits him

Amelia tries to figure out what exactly is going on

The balloon is the perfect size for Isabella to hold

Ryan is getting splashed!

Austyn feels the water as it falls down

That water isn't for drinking!

Austyn, you're all wet!

Jordan enjoys the watering cans

Water fight time!

Connie is ready to get more people wet!

Sophie has a mischievous look in her eye!

Isaac loves being outside and water makes it even more fun!

Freddy, Maggie, and Nathan, your water is almost gone!

James wants to get even wetter

Maggie, did you get splashed?

Nathan is ready to fill his watering can up again

What will you do next?

Who can get the watering can first?

Hudson helps his friend cool off

Run, Jackson, run!

Sophie gets a lesson on how to make people as wet as possible

Getting wet is so much fun!

Freddy loves playing in the water!


Owen and his friend team up

A huge splash to end a fun day!

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