To celebrate the dragon boat festival we gather together to make and eat the traditional food, zongzi! Everyone had fun but I think the kids agree that eating the finished product was the best part!

Everyone is ready to work

Eli and Rose try a date before putting it in the zongzi

James adds some rice

Tying the zongzi is a little tricky so James gets some help

Maggie, is that enough rice?

Maggie found a finished zongzi

JT liked to feel the rice

Nathan's wrapper is ready

Adam and Catherine work together to tie the zongzi

Ru picks all of the rice off his hands

Rose found another date!

Everrit, you have to unwrap it first!

Tim is ready for more

Luke tries his first zongzi

Is it sticky?

Eli, are you ready to eat?

Austyn takes a big bite

Freddy has a zongzi of his very own


Maggie and James enjoy eating

Paul likes the wrappers

Nathan licks off every little grain of rice

It looks like Hannah is enjoying her zongzi

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