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Vinh Long Province Social Work Center (government facility) was established in September 1998 to care for and nurture orphans, elderly, homeless, disabled, and mentally handicapped people.

The Center currently cares for 203 beneficiaries- 46 elderly, 23 disabled, 91 mentally handicapped patients, and 43 children

The center uses treated running water that is obtained from the city to help avoid infectious diseases that can be spread through contaminated water. Some of these water-borne diseases are Typhoid, Cholera, Paratyphoid Fever, Dysentery, Jaundice, Amoebiasis and Malaria. Chemicals in the water also have negative effects on health.

The city system is overwhelmed and cannot meet the demand resulting in shortages.

This is an urgent matter, significantly affecting the living conditions of inhabitants of the Vinh Long Center. The water pressure is too weak for

  • Flushing toilets, resulting in unsanitary conditions.
  • Water for food preparation.
  • Water for bathing.
  • Pumping into washing machines to wash clothes; the lack of proper water pressure causes severe damage to the washing machines.

The solution is to build a mini water plant. This will provide the Center with clean water alleviating epidemics caused by unclean water, improving health and quality of life.

The Vinh Long Center Water Project will take 5 months to complete.
Total budget    $38,078
Govt. subsidy   $18,078
Required Aid   $20,000

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