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The theme for 2018 is “Catch the Wind.” In this season we are experiencing many changes. In the midst of all these changes we are learning to pay attention to how the wind is blowing and how we need to move. Programs closed (ND South) but new opportunities have come to our attention. We are thankful for these new opportunities to help save the lives of those who have fewer options.

Change handled successfully can set you on a path to future success. Join with us as we make changes that will enable us to continue to be successful.

ND Beijing

Our Beijing facility has been in the current location for 20 years. Over the years Beijing has been rapidly developing. Where once fields surrounded us, we are currently in the path of that development. (Read about our beginning). In the near future the government will be claiming our land to further this development. Once they do this they will give us 3 months to move. So to prepare for this we have targeted a new location that we would like to purchase and renovate.




PURCHASE PRICE: $1,250,000  – ($625,000 down payment, $312,500 2nd year, $312,500 3rd year)


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ND North- Baotou


Since 2013, New Day North personnel have been active serving at the Baotou orphanage, providing training sessions and other support. Starting in 2017, New Day North began regular monthly trips to Baotou to support a feeding project for several toddlers with cerebral palsy who have eating challenges.

For several years, the director of the Baotou orphanage has asked for New Day North to start a project in their orphanage just like the one in the Wulanchabu orphanage.

Current Situation

On July 11, 2018, New Day North received the determinative word that Ruth, a child from the Baotou orphanage living in the Hohhot New Day North facility, would have to return to the orphanage because of recent policy decisions. Ruth was returned on Monday, July 16. The orphanage agreed to have nannies from New Day North accompany and stay with Ruth, supporting the orphanage in caring for Ruth, as well as helping there in any other way they could.

On that same day, at the initiative of the Baotou orphanage directors, New Day North discussed possible plans for a project inside the Baotou orphanage as soon as possible.

Phase I

Three nannies who are working shifts in Baotou will continue in that capacity. The nannies are willing to commute the one hour from Hohhot to Baotou to work shifts, and the orphanage is very willing for the nannies to work there in that capacity. The basic arrangement is for each nanny to work in Baotou for two days and then return to Hohhot to rest for four days. The nannies add critical help to the existing nannies in the suite, helping with Ruth as well as the other children in the room, most of whom have cerebral palsy

The nannies continue to be paid as New Day North employees, so they work at the Baotou orphanage as volunteers and no other arrangements are necessary. New Day North coaches provide regular (weekly or bi-weekly) coaching to the nannies in the room.

Phase I @ Baotou (monthly)
Nannies: 3 @ $465/month $1,395
Coach: ½ her time @ $550 $275
Travel $330
Total $2000

ND Hohhot

New Day has had a long-term relationship with the Hohhot SWI in Inner Mongolia. We have run formula projects, provide surgeries for their children and fund a physical therapist for them. Years of working together have built trust on both sides. Thus, New Day has been requested by the Hohhot SWI to run a project in their orphanage. We have also been given permission by the local Civil Affairs and are pretty excited about the potential. With the changing climate here in China this seems a perfect solution to continue making a difference in the lives of children.

To facilitate this the orphanage is giving us a wing in their orphanage to run the project. This new location will be able to house 28 children (who will be available to sponsor).



Renovation and Furnishing

MONTHLY EXPENSES- when fully operational


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