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Eleos Project

All of us have heard stories of people in difficult situations. What they have gone through makes our hearts cry wondering how they have been able to survive and stay positive. Such is the case of the children in our Eleos Project. In their difficult situations we want them to know they are not left alone to face hardship. We want them to know there is hope.

We are helping these children with their education needs ensuring that they can improve their lives. Getting an education is their passport to the future.





  • Foster Families
    What is family?It is the most important influence in a child’s life. Children living in families do better physically, emotionally and academically. Children thrive when they feel they belong and from the affection that comes from caring and supportive families. The earlier a child can be part of a family, the more noticeable and longer-lasting the effects.Knowing this it was devastating seeing children, in 2018 and 2019, in a nationwide initiative being taken out of families and returned to institutions.Then GOOD NEWS- the end of August 2020 we were approached by the orphanage where we have the “Savannah Project.” They had been given permission to be one of 18 orphanages nationwide allowed to place children in foster families. With no experience and limited resources they asked for our help.In November 2020 we signed a contract with the orphanage and the foster family project began with placing the first child into a foster family.SPONSOR A CHILD


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Guest House

We are happy to report that we have recently acquired a Guest House apartment across the street from our main partner hospital.

Our children and their caregivers often travel quite a distance from their rural homes and orphanages, and acceptable accommodations near the hospitals can be hard to find. We can now offer a clean, comfortable and home-like place to stay during the time of the children’s surgery and medical care.

This will also give our local staff more opportunity to build relationship with the families and better minister to their needs during their time away from home.

Vietnam Guest House video


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Meet Felicity!

Felicity was born on November 11, 2010 and entered New Day Charity’s project on January 10, 2019. She is a clever girl with a cute smile. Felicity has a neurological disorder, which affects her...

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