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Our in-orphanage projects are an oasis. A green place located in a dry area. An Oasis of Hope!
Underground streams – aquifers, feed every oasis. The role of many of us has changed from providing a home to providing an aquifer – an underground stream whose influence is barely seen, but it is very powerful.

From the sponsors, to the local team and specialists who support and the local community who encourage – they are all links in the underground stream that is making life spring up in the desert.

We need to keep these streams strong, clean, fresh, open and flowing strongly. There has been a lot of pressure but the pressure of an underground stream contributes to its purity.


The Vision of New Day China is to transform the lives of orphans with special needs. Our strategy to accomplishing that involves three key roles:

  • Care-givers are the people interacting with the children all the time and their impact in the children’s lives is the greatest. We believe that, more than any other person in the child’s life, the nanny who cares for the child can make the biggest impact. For that reason, we focus on using long-term hands-on training to develop nannies who are excellent at taking care of children with long-term needs.
  • Experts in the areas of medicine, therapy, nursing and special education are able to give information and techniques to nannies that is specific to the kinds of children they care for. New Day China depends on a strong team of experts.
  • Coaches are a vital part of the New Day China team and strategy. These coaches are specifically trained not only in how to care for children with special needs, but in how to coach care-givers on an ongoing basis. These coaches provide a key link between the knowledge of the experts and the care-givers, because the coaches help the care-givers consistently and accurately implement the guidance and training provided by the experts in each subject area.

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NDV: Truong Nhat Huy's heart surgery was successful, and he is scheduled to come back for a checkup soon. ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet Felicity!

Felicity was born on November 11, 2010 and entered New Day Charity’s project on January 10, 2019. She is a clever girl with a cute smile. Felicity has a neurological disorder, which affects her...

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