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Earlier in March 2018 Oli6 (Oli6 Dairy Goat Infant Formula is a premium goat’s milk-based formula) donated 12 tons of formula to New Day Foster Home. We were able to ship this formula out to 23 different orphanages helping to make a difference in many lives.
Thank you Oli6 for your very generous donation.

Hunger and malnourishment are brutal realities for babies in orphanages too under-resourced to buy infant milk powder, especially for children with complex special needs. Because good nutrition in a baby’s first year is vital to lifelong health, our Formula Project supplies nutritious formula to our partner orphanages for infants until they turn one.

We keep a close eye on each child’s monthly progress by tracking growth data on World Health Organization (WHO) growth charts. This enables us to identify children who fail to make adequate progress, and we intervene by providing additional nutritional supplements and any needed medical care at local hospitals or our Foster Home in Beijing.

The long-term positive impact of our Formula Project depends on education. We provide training for orphanage staff and foster parents in nutrition, basic medical care and child development, giving them the tools to help the children in their care achieve full potential.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in helping us with a Formula Sponsorship.

Purchasing enough formula for all of the children in our projects takes a big truck! We buy in bulk to save money and then ship the formula to the children.


Month Total Enrollment Grad. New
Aug. 2019 11 9 0
July. 2019 20 18 0
June. 2019 38 1 2
May. 2019 37 1 8
Apr. 2019 30 3 3
Mar. 2019 30 4 13
Feb. 2019 21 4 2
Jan. 2019 23 2 3


Year Total Benefited Children Grad. New
2018 67 44 30
2017 81 48 47
2016 149 56 58
2015 142 95 78
2014 217 162 167
2013 205 163 125
2012 259 169 174
2011 222 134 147
2010 275 188 147
2009 219 91 169
2008 104 44 29

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NDV: Welcome, Mai Nguyen Khanh Son!Baby Mai Nguyen Khanh Son was born with heart disease. His family is ethnic minority from South Vietnam. His father works as a rice dryer for hire. Khanh Son's surgery was successfully completed in early June 2024 and he is doing well now. We are very happy to have the opportunity to support this family and will continue supporting him for his post-op checkups. ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet Felicity!

Felicity was born on November 11, 2010 and entered New Day Charity’s project on January 10, 2019. She is a clever girl with a cute smile. Felicity has a neurological disorder, which affects her...

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