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Mei Ling

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There are many changes happening in China. If you have been following things you have probably seen information about the new National Regulation regarding orphans. The National Civil Affairs is requiring that all children must return to their orphanage. They may go to another city for temporary medical care/surgery but once that is completed they must return.

This means that ALL the children we had been caring for in Beijing had to return to their orphanage. It was a very difficult time for all of us (many tears were shed) and for the orphanages. Many of the orphanages are overwhelmed with all the children that returned. Stay tuned as we learn to navigate these new waters.

ND Vietnam

We signed a new 2 year agreement this week with our local partner in Ninh Thuận province, home to many of the beautiful children we have helped over the last 3-4 years. We are always warmly received in Ninh Thuan, and we highly value our good working relationships there.
Ninh Thuận is southern Vietnam’s poorest province. In addition to our primary mission of providing medical care for children, we want to assist families in need in other ways as we are able. Ninh Thuận is also home to 4 of the college students we sponsor who grew up in the local orphanage.


New Arrivals

Anh Tu
Que Anh

Guest House

We are happy to report that we have recently acquired a Guest House apartment across the street from our main partner hospital.

Our children and their caregivers often travel quite a distance from their rural homes and orphanages, and acceptable accommodations near the hospitals can be hard to find. We can now offer a clean, comfortable and home-like place to stay during the time of the children’s surgery and medical care.

This will also give our local staff more opportunity to build relationship with the families and better minister to their needs during their time away from home.

Student Scholarship

Student– Young people from state orphanages who graduate from high school are often given the opportunity to go to college in Vietnam, but they need help with their daily living expense. Monthly sponsorships will enable these students to buy food, clothing and meet other basic needs during their time at university.
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15 hours ago

New Day Charities
NDV: Niê Nguyễn Hải Đăng is an 8 month old boy. His father works as a laborer, and his mother is a factory worker. He has been sick since he was born. Recently, was discharged from the hospital, and currently, he is recovering very well. The family is staying at the Guest House awaiting the first checkup and hopefully will go home soon. Niê Nguyễn Hải Đăng's mother recounted, "It was the first time for us to come to the city, feeling both scared and lucky to be introduced to the Guest House where we could eat and rest for free. Our family has saved a lot of expenses while taking care of our child." ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet Felicity!

Felicity was born on November 11, 2010 and entered New Day Charity’s project on January 10, 2019. She is a clever girl with a cute smile. Felicity has a neurological disorder, which affects her...

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