Scrapbooks | 2022



Christmas tree

posted on December 24, 2022

We love seeing the kids decorating the Christmas tree, and how hard they tried to reach and help with their little hands. It’s great to see how the kids and their nannies work together. And most of all, it’s such a blessing and joy to celebrate the most special season ...


We are thankful

posted on December 2, 2022

When we see the bright cute Thanksgiving crafts and the children’s smiles on their faces we know that we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful that we have opportunities to help more children in the Savannah project, foster family project, Eleos Project, and for the nannies ...


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

posted on September 14, 2022

It’s family reunion time during the Mid-Autumn Festival. There was a party held at our big family in the Savannah Project. The nannies prepared a yummy tea time for the kids with fruit and desserts, the most popular food is moon cakes. The kids had such a good appetite, and ...


A special gift

posted on September 3, 2022

Our theme for 2022 is, “Love warms us, brings us to new heights.” The children helped make a special gift around this theme for our Chinese sponsors- a wax lantern. To make the lanterns, crayon scraps are melted together between wax paper to make a unique and colorful design. ...


Fun Laboratory

posted on August 22, 2022

A set of fun toys made the small table a little laboratory. There are clear cups and dropper with some liquid colors. What will the color turn into when different colors were mixed? The kids were amazed and they discovered the answers through this interesting experiment.


Grassland Summer Camp

posted on August 20, 2022

From July 19th to 22nd this year, a four-day summer camp themed “Who Calls My Youth” was held in Inner Mongolia’s grasslands. Caiyun and Ranran, who are in our Eleos Project were able to attend this camp. Classes were designed especially for the adolescents. We are thankful the children ...


Children’s Day

posted on June 6, 2022

The children had a great day celebrating Children’s Day. The highlight of the day was the gala. There were some familiar faces at the performance on the stage, our little stars practiced a long time for this moment. We were glad to see them enjoying it. After the show, beautiful ...


Children’s Day is coming

posted on June 6, 2022

The kids were so happy helping the nannies decorate their playroom for Children’s Day. Balloons are the kids’ favorite and they filled the room with an explosion of color. The children tried their best to hand the balloons to the nannies and all of them were excited looking forward to ...


Fun Time

posted on April 30, 2022

It’s getting warm and nice for the kids to have more time enjoying being outside. What’s the kids’ favorite on the playground? Playing basketball, soccer, climbing up the slide, racing, blowing bubbles… Seems like they loved everything they did. The best of all is that they have so many dear ...


We Love Sunshine

posted on March 18, 2022

It’s a beautiful day after the long winter here in north China. It’s warm and sunny , the sky is blue and clear. The kids of the little deer project finally got to go outside for a walk in the yard with their winter coat off. The playground is so ...


Birthday Party

posted on March 8, 2022

A birthday could be crowded? Yes! Because everybody will gather around in your room and celebrate it with you!
A birthday could be fun? Yes! Your friends will sing a birthday song for you and your nanny will prepare you a very nice present!
A birthday could be unforgettable? Yes! ...


Getting ready for Chinese New Year

posted on January 31, 2022

To make this season special the staff and children decorated the windows, the doors with red lanterns, Blessing signs and Chinese knots. The kids enjoyed helping their nannies with putting everything together. We love seeing so many little helping hands and happy faces. It brings so much joy to this ...


A Training from Lydia

posted on January 24, 2022

Lydia has been working as a coach and has trained many nannies in the Savannah Project. With the expansion of the formula project and Emerald foster family project we are happy that we have been able to help more children and train their caregivers. Recently Lydia was invited to give ...


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