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Christmas Presents

posted on December 29, 2021

We are thankful that each of our kids got their own Christmas present. It’s such a blessing for us to see that they received so much love from all who think of them and support us helping them. It’s been a year to be thankful that we walked through the ...


Christmas Tree

posted on December 29, 2021

A little Christmas tree with shining lights and cute ornaments brought so much fun. The kids worked really hard to help their nannies decorate the tree.  How great to see the smiles on their faces that lighten the room and warm everyone’s heart.


Happy Birthday to Our New Arrivals!

posted on November 22, 2021

We had a birthday party for three of our new arrivals. They were Ai Xia, David, and Tyler. They looked adorable wearing their birthday crowns and they had a great time sharing cake with everyone. The birthday presents were handed out by Kai, Theodore, and Samuel. The boys were happy ...


The Colorful Days of Autumn

posted on November 22, 2021

Orphans living in the orphanage, due to illness and orphanage restrictions, cannot move freely like healthy children and participate in activities. In the limited space they have access to, their understanding and imagination is closely related to the nannies who care for them.
New Day has seen the limitations of ...


The Benefits of Art

posted on November 16, 2021

Art has no boundaries or thresholds. No matter who you are, your intelligence, physical strength, knowledge, or experience, you and I can have our own experiences and feelings on works of art. Art is very personal and evokes different feelings in different people.
Therefore, we always try to help children ...


Mid Autumn Festival

posted on September 23, 2021

Lunar August 15th is the Chinese traditional Mid Autumn Festival. The full moon is especially round and bright on this day. It’s time to enjoy moon cake and family reunion. All the kids loved the special little party with some tasty moon cake and fruit. We love how they gathered ...


Birthday Party

posted on September 4, 2021

A birthday party was held at our Savannah Project. James and Austyn had a great time with all the friends who were there to celebrate for them. And it was a big surprise and joy for Madeline who is one of our newest arrivals, and she just turned 5. The ...


A field trip

posted on July 28, 2021

The orphanage planned a field trip for some of the kids. Four boys in the Little Deer Project got to go. Titus, Cyrus, Abner and Sam had a really fun filled day observing the peacocks and playing in a toy castle. They were exhausted after all the fun activities and ...


Summer BBQ

posted on July 16, 2021

The orphanage where the Little Deer Project is at decided to have a BBQ party. They prepared BBQ lamb, fruit and snacks. All of this yummy food made a very happy time for all the kids.


Happy Birthday

posted on July 16, 2021

This birthday party is as fun and special as always. We are thankful for the three kids who have been part of our big family for years. Stephanie and Emerson have been in the Savannah Project almost 7 years, and Frank has been here 5 years. They have grown and ...


Dragon Boat Festival

posted on June 15, 2021

Zongzi is the traditional food eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. The kids helped to make them and enjoyed eating them. Besides that, the nannies even came up with ideas to help the kids to understand more about the festival. They told them the story the festival is based on. ...


Children’s Day in Savannah Project

posted on June 4, 2021

It’s a special Children’s Day in the “Savannah” project. Instead of a gala event, we celebrated it a different way. We had a field trip for the kids on a nice sunny day. Hamburger and french fries for lunch, which the children were very happy about. Playing games, like blowing ...


Children’s Day in Little Deer Project

posted on June 3, 2021

Today is Children’s Day and the orphanage where we have the “Little Deer” project had a gala event. The children all had an amazing time. Abner all dressed in red was able to perform at the gala. Libby, Cyrus, Micah, Amos and Ruth we love your hats.


Spring – planting season

posted on May 12, 2021

There is so much for the kids to explore in spring, beautiful flowers, green plants, and it’s a season of planting and seeing new life burst on the scene. Planting became the kids’ favorite class recently, especially planting – garlic. The kids started with peeling the garlic and watering it, ...


The Playground

posted on April 27, 2021

Where is the brightest sunlight?
Where is the most fragrant air?
Where is the most hearty laughter?
Where are children most attracted to?
Of course it’s a playground-a favorite place for kids!


A Special Trip

posted on April 17, 2021

For Joshua and Han, there were some surprising benefits for them coming to Beijing for checkups and treatment. In addition to going to the hospital, they also traveled twice, once to the tropical botanical garden and once to the zoo. The greenhouse of the botanical garden is lush and green, ...


Speeding Up

posted on March 18, 2021

Scooters, boys and even a toy car? What will happen in the hallway? The boys were moving fast and chasing each other round and round. The hall was filled with laughter, shouts of joy and a lot of energy. What fun racing it was!


Our little artists

posted on March 11, 2021

It’s so nice to find out that the kids are enjoying their art class. They can spend quite a while sitting to draw and color. We love seeing how they focus on their work. They did drawings and colorings of animals, plants and even some really cute creative work. We ...



posted on March 6, 2021

The boys finally got a chance to go outside to play in real snow. Holding the snow in their hands, feeling it, throwing snow balls, and running around… they were having too much fun to feel the cold, so that they didn’t want to go back inside.


The ball pit is fun

posted on February 24, 2021

The kids love to visit the ball pit in the orphanage. Some of the CP kids were not so sure the first time they got into the ball pit. It was so different from the normal ground. It felt funny, unstable and they would sink into it. They didn’t ...


Spring Festival

posted on February 13, 2021

After some decorating for the Chinese New Year, the kids had fun making crafts and had a nice time with all the kids as a big family. Sharing the delicious food and enjoying the time being together, is what the CNY festival is all about. The surprise of the Hong ...


Colorful Dumplings

posted on February 13, 2021

Dumplings are one of the traditional foods for Chinese New Year. The children love them and it’s such a cool idea to have them make their own “dumplings”. With colorful paper and toy fillings the kids made plates of dumplings. You can tell it’s not too hard to make dumplings ...


Amos’ Birthday

posted on January 9, 2021

Amos turned five years old this month. He loved his birthday party. It was a big moment for him. The delicious cake, his present, and all the kids and nannies celebrating with him made him very excited. He is becoming a big boy and has made such progress. We are ...


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