Happy 4th of July!

Holidays are always fun to celebrate, and since most of our volunteers are from America we love to celebrate the 4th of July! From books to crafts to snack time everything is red, white, and blue! To top it off we have a little New Day parade!

June Birthday Party

This June was had only one birthday, Mr. Everrit turned 1! Everyone had fun celebrating this sweet boy and it was declared a successful birthday party.

Dragon Boat Fun!

We celebrated the dragon boat festival by eating zongzi, but we also made a few boats for the kids to play in! As you can tell it was a big hit!


To celebrate the dragon boat festival we gather together to make and eat the traditional food, zongzi! Everyone had fun but I think the kids agree that eating the finished product was the best part!

Let Them Be Little

Our children have gone through so much in their short lives, way more than any child should have to go through. They know the feeling of abandonment and have spent too many nights in hospitals. Because of their past is it even more important to let them be little. To ... VIEW SCRAPBOOK

A Tour and a Race

BioDuro, a drug development company, invited us a and few of the children to come for a tour of their laboratory. They were also having a fundraising race and we thankful for how they are helping support New Day!

Volunteer Love

It’s summer again which means it’s time for a lot of new volunteers. Whether they come by themselves or in a group, for a week or for a month, we are thankful for how they pour out their love!

Sponsor Party 2018

Each year we have a party to thank our Chinese sponsors. From the kites hanging in the trees, the games throughout the backyard, and the delicious snacks everyone had a lot of fun! We are so thankful for our sponsors and how they are helping us Catch the Wind!

Picking Mulberries

This is the first year our mulberry tree in the backyard produced fruit and everyone has been enjoying it! The kids quickly learned that they could eat the juicy berries and even shared them with their friends!

Picking Strawberries!

Last week we were able to go on a super fun and super yummy field trip. We picked strawberries!

Happy Mother’s Day!

All over America preschoolers have been making crafts to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. In China Mother’s Day isn’t really celebrated, but we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our nannies and foster moms, the women that our children call mama. While they won’t be their mama’s ... VIEW SCRAPBOOK

Planting Flowers

Every year Cummins donates money for flowers and then comes to help us plant everything. We are very thankful for their generous donations and hard work and enjoy the flowers all summer long!

April Birthday Party!

This April we celebrated Faith and JT as they turned 2! We all enjoyed he birthday festivities.

Music Class!

Every Thursday a music teacher visits our preschool class! We all love her and the kids have so much fun. We thought you might like a little peek into our music class.

A Visit from Beijing United Hospital

We are so thankful that a group of doctors from Beijing United Hospital came to give our children check ups! It was a huge blessing for them to travel to us rather than have us travel to them! They also held a training session for the nannies and are an ... VIEW SCRAPBOOK

Celebrating New Day’s Women

March 8th is a day to honor and celebrate women around the world. Here at New Day we are blessed to work alongside so many phenomenal women. In China, Women’s Day is celebrated by giving women half of a day off work. Here are just some of the amazing women ... VIEW SCRAPBOOK

Backyard School Fun

It isn’t all hard work in the backyard school! While Catherine, Owen, and Hudson all do work sure hard they also have a lot of fun!

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

Every year before Chinese New Year we gather to celebrate as our New Day family. We make and eat lots of dumplings and it is always a great time of celebrating together!

January Birthday Party!

This month we celebrated two birthdays! Owen turned 11 and Tim turned 3. We loved celebrating these sweet boys!

A Winter Adventure

Beijing has cold, but dry winters, so there is very little snow. Nearby there is little snow park with a sledding hill and an ice area, so it was the perfect opportunity for a field trip. Everyone loved having a chance to enjoy the snow and all of the fun ... VIEW SCRAPBOOK

Sweet Babies

Babies grow up so fast! We love watching each of our kids grow but sure do wish they would slow down a little bit!

Ornaments and Handprints!

It’s Christmas time and preparations are in full gear! The preschoolers started by decorating their window with ornament window clings. Then all of the kids got to make a Christmas tree with their hand or their foot. We are excited for Christmas to come!

Beautiful Days

Summer is slowing winding down and the weather is getting just a little bit cooler. This means that so many hot days we can finally play outside again! We all have enjoyed the fresh air and the kids love playing and exploring.

Bows, bows, and more Bows!

We’re pretty sure these pictures prove that there’s not much cuter than little girls wearing big bows!


As Halloween approached we started to talk about pumpkins in preschool. We talked about what color they were, did crafts to make our own pumpkins, and read stories with pumpkins. Then, on Halloween our preschoolers got to carve their own pumpkin!

Picking Cucumbers!

We grow cucumbers in our backyard and thought that our preschoolers would enjoy picking them. We’re actually not sure what they thought was more fun, the picking or the eating!

St. Patrick’s Day!

Around here St. Patrick’s Day is a fun excuse to dress the kids in green and do fun crafts. We’re pretty gentle, though, and don’t pinch anyone if they’re not wearing green!

Playground Fun

Now that it’s warmer outside the kids are able to play outside again! They are all having so much fun on our playset!

Sand Box Fun

The weather is getting warmer and we are taking full advantage of the beautiful spring days! After a long winter inside the kids all enjoy playing outside, especially in the sand box!

Special Visitors

Recently a group of law enforcement officers came to visit and gave a safety presentation for the children. After the presentation they had a surprise: drums! The kids enjoyed watching and especially enjoyed participating!

Water Fun!

With temperatures reaching 100 degrees and the heat index being even higher everyone was going a little stir crazy inside. To solve the problem we had a water day in preschool! It was a great way to play outside and beat the heat!

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